To access Mathletics please follow the link below.

Congratulations to all the 2K students who have received Mathletic certificates in class and at Grade 2 assembly. 2K have been the Mathletes of the week at the whole school assembly 14 times so far this year!

A special congratulations to the following 2K kids who have worked hard to receive their GOLD certificates…

Robbie, Zac, Taylah, Hasareli, Christian, Tianna, Hailee & Alex.

A special congratulations to Robbie for winning his second gold certificate!

A fantastic achievement. Keep up the amazing maths work!



24 thoughts on “Mathletics

  1. I am sooooooooooo close to getting a gold I only need 1 silver and when I get one my mum said I can eat wherever I want:)

  2. On Monday I am getting a gold. And miss Kenington please remember to put me up on the gold list. And for ANTI-SPAM I got ash three.

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