Maths Groups

Each morning we run maths groups in our classroom. We are lucky to have parent helpers join in the fun with us! The kids practise their number skills, taking turns and enjoy having fun together. They are really good at congratulating each other at the end of playing their games. The games last for ten minutes and at the moment include: Money Bingo, Biggest Wins (place value), Addition War, UNO and Mathletics. The games change throughout the term as new skills are introduced. When the ten minutes is up the kids get out their books and race against the clock to beat their personal best scores in skip counting. They practise skip counting by 2, 5 and 10 both forward and backward starting at various numbers. This week we started skip counting by 3, forward and backward. Every week improvement is being made and confidence is building!
If any other parents would like to join us please feel welcome. From 9-9.30am each day, excluding Thursdays and following the school assembly on a Monday.

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  1. I think maths groups are the best ever because I like doing biggest wins, money bingo, uno, subtracion war and mathletics.

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