This week, 2K represented South Africa at the Official OatGames to celebrate the beginning of the 2014 Commonwealth Games. It was a little cold and muddy but that didn’t stop these kids from having fun and trying their best. They looked fabulous at the Opening Ceremony dressed in the South African colours. Some families put in a huge effort to create amazing outfits and hair colours. THANK YOU for embracing the spirit of the games. Check out our photos below…

20140725-104013.jpg   20140725-104028.jpg

20140725-104041.jpg   20140725-104055.jpg

20140725-104118.jpg   20140725-104133.jpg

20140725-104142.jpg   20140725-104155.jpg

20140725-104207.jpg   20140725-104215.jpg

20140725-104223.jpg   20140725-104231.jpg

20140725-104242.jpg   20140725-104253.jpg

20140725-104300.jpg   20140725-104307.jpg

20140725-104314.jpg   20140725-104319.jpg

20140725-104325.jpg   20140725-104332.jpg


19 thoughts on “OatGames

  1. I loved the oatgames because South Africa is my 3rd favourite and I wonder what my flag is nest year

  2. hi miss kenington i love the oatgames and ethan the next oatgames are until next year you cheese puff I LOVE THE OATGAMES

  3. You guys looked awesome in the South Afican colours. It looked like you had a lot of fun playing all the games. I hope you didnt get too muddy.

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