Measurement Olympics

To get into the spirit of the upcoming Commonwealth Games, at the end of Term Two, 2K took part in their own Measurement Olympics. The events included Paper Plate Discus, Cotton Ball Throw, Straw Javelin and Long Jump. The results were measured in gold medals.

20140725-102821.jpg   20140725-102836.jpg   20140725-102847.jpg

20140725-102901.jpg   20140725-102913.jpg   20140725-102925.jpg

20140725-102937.jpg   20140725-102949.jpg   20140725-103019.jpg

20140725-103032.jpg   20140725-103044.jpg   20140725-103055.jpg

20140725-103107.jpg   20140725-103118.jpg   20140725-103133.jpg

20140725-103144.jpg   20140725-103158.jpg   20140725-103212.jpg

20140725-103223.jpg   20140725-103850.jpg

19 thoughts on “Measurement Olympics

  1. I would vote a lot because I love SPORT.I would choose netball because it’s my faviroute sport I play also

  2. I voted for swimming and gymnastics because last year I did gymnastics at Fantastic Gymnastics and this I do swimming at Casey Arc.

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